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Bakhtiari & Harrison: Investigating HPI Real Estate Opportunity Fund IV Losses

If you have suffered investment losses in HPI Real Estate Opportunity Fund IV or other real estate private equity investment funds and 1031 Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) programs from Hamilton Point Investments, LLC, Bakhtiari & Harrison can help you explore your legal options.

Why Choose Bakhtiari & Harrison?

Bakhtiari & Harrison represents investors who may have been unsuitably recommended various HPI investments by their broker-dealers. These investments include:

  • HPI Real Estate Opportunity Fund III
  • HPI Real Estate Opportunity Fund IV
  • HPI Storage Fund I, LP
  • HPI Storage Fund III, LP
  • HPI Storage Fund IV, LP
  • HPI Miramar Square
  • HPI Waterford Landing DST
  • HPI Villas DST
  • HPI San Antonio Industrial, LLC
  • HPI Self Storage Military Fund, LP
  • HPI Self Storage Tampa 19 Fund, LP

Hamilton Point Investments is known for managing hotels, manufactured housing communities, and multi-family apartment homes. They raise capital with the assistance of registered investment advisers and independent brokerage firms who then market HPI investments to accredited investors. These are inherently high-risk investments.

The Risks of High Commissions and Inappropriate Recommendations

Unfortunately, some financial advisors may neglect their fiduciary duties and promote these high-risk investments to earn substantial commissions and fees. This behavior can result in significant financial harm to investors, especially if the investments are unsuitable for their risk tolerance, experience, and financial goals. Such actions may constitute a breach of fiduciary duty and a failure in due diligence if the broker-dealer did not adequately assess the investment’s suitability.

Understanding Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a type of real estate investment trust designed for business purposes, allowing smaller investors to own a fractional interest in institutional-grade, professionally managed commercial properties. Investors typically need to commit at least $100,000, and these investments are usually illiquid and sensitive to market volatility. DSTs are classified as “non-conventional investments” by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), requiring brokers to exercise thorough due diligence before recommending them to clients.

Real Estate Investments: A High-Risk Alternative

Real estate investments, including DSTs and REITs, are generally considered alternative investments. These should only be marketed to accredited investors due to their complex and high-risk nature. However, even sophisticated investors can suffer substantial losses from these investments if not properly advised.

Contact Bakhtiari & Harrison for Expert Legal Guidance

At Bakhtiari & Harrison, we understand the complexities and risks associated with real estate investments. If you believe you have been inappropriately recommended HPI investments, our skilled attorneys can provide the guidance and representation you need. Contact us today to discuss your case and explore your options for recovering your investment losses.