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GWG Bond Loss Attorneys: Bakhtiari & Harrison

In April 2022, the investment landscape shifted dramatically when GWG Holdings declared bankruptcy, significantly impacting investors, particularly those with GWG L Bonds. At Bakhtiari & Harrison, a leading law firm in Beverly Hills foucsing on FINRA arbitrations, we are dedicated to offering our expertise, guidance and robust representation to investors adversely affected by these events.

Issues with GWG L Bonds

GWG L Bonds, known for their high risk, have been heavily influenced by GWG Holdings’ bankruptcy. These investments, once appealing for their high returns, now pose considerable financial risks to investors. Understanding these intricate financial products is crucial for investors seeking redress for their losses.

Regulatory Challenges Faced by Western International Securities

Recently, Western International Securities and its advisors have encountered numerous regulatory challenges, including allegations of misconduct and insufficient supervision. In June 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Western International Securities and five of its California-based financial advisors with violations related to the sale of alternative investments, including GWG L Bonds (Case No. 2:22-cv-04119). Following these allegations, Western International agreed to a censure and paid over $870,000 in fines and restitution. This payment addressed claims that the firm had made unsuitable investment recommendations involving non-traded REITs and ETFs.

The Importance of FINRA Arbitration

FINRA arbitration is a crucial process for resolving disputes between investors and their brokers or advisors. Our firm leverages extensive knowledge of securities law and strategic litigation to advocate for investors, especially those impacted by poor recommendations of GWG L Bonds. Arbitration through FINRA often leads to faster resolutions compared to traditional litigation, requiring a nuanced legal approach that we are well-prepared to provide. Our expertise in FINRA arbitration includes:

  • Assessing the full extent of clients’ financial losses
  • Gathering substantial evidence of misconduct or poor advice
  • Developing effective case strategies to maximize financial recovery

At Bakhtiari & Harrison, we have a proven track record of representing clients in similar situations. Choosing the right legal representation is vital during challenging financial times. Our firm stands out due to:

  • A deep focus on securities law and FINRA arbitration
  • A client-centric approach tailored to each individual’s case and financial circumstances
  • A steadfast commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients

If you have invested in GWG L Bonds through Western International Securities and have suffered losses, prompt action is essential. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.