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Notice to HJ Sims Bonds Investors, Investor Recovery Options

Bakhtiari & Harrison is actively investigating claims for investors who are seeking to recover their losses from investments made with Herbert J. Sims & Co. Inc. (“HJ Sims”).

Investor attorneys are investigating whether HJ Sims allegedly failed to align its investment recommendations with the personal investment objectives and best interests of its clients. This is particularly apparent in its marketing and sale of proprietary Reg D Private Placements. Over the last decade, HJ Sims has launched 93 such offerings, channeling more than $2 billion into private placement bonds. A substantial number of these bonds have become delinquent, failing to meet expected interest payments and jeopardizing investor capital.

The situation has prompted Bakhtiari & Harrison to take seek options to assist affected investors. Investors who have encountered financial setbacks due to these investments are encouraged to seek legal recourse and may be eligible for compensation.

Bakhtiari & Harrison provides tailored advice in the field of securities arbitration. Investors can receive a free and confidential consultation to explore their recovery options. This proactive approach is part of the firm’s broader mission to uphold the rights of investors and ensure they receive the restitution they deserve.

If you or someone you know has suffered investment losses with Herbert J. Sims & Co. Inc., it is crucial to act swiftly to secure legal representation. Bakhtiari & Harrison’s expertise in securities law and their successful track record in recovering investor losses provide a beacon of hope for those adversely affected by unsound investment recommendations.