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Spring Hills Holdings, LLC: Investor Recovery Options

Spring Hills Holdings, LLC Investment Review

Spring Hills Holdings, LLC is a health care owner-operator offering a “senior care investment opportunity,” according to the DI Wire. The company filed a Form D to raise capital from investors in 2017, with a total offering amount of $25,000,000, as per SEC filings. Additional offerings followed.

Spring Hills Holdings Risk Factors

A brochure from Spring Hills Holdings outlines significant risks associated with investing in the company, including:

  • Limited diversification, as assets are few and concentrated in specific states and industries.
  • Sole discretion over asset investment, ownership, and operation.
  • The offering is on a “best efforts” basis, which may limit fund-raising and diversification.
  • The investment represents an indirect investment in real estate, subject to related risks.
  • Limited operating history and substantial conflicts of interest.
  • No public trading market for shares, resulting in potential indefinite holding periods.
  • Restrictions on share redemption and limited voting rights.
  • Substantial debt, increasing risk and potentially reducing distributions.
  • Risks associated with leverage and financing of communities.
  • Uncertainty regarding the timing and amount of cash distributions.

Was Sprinhill Holdings Private Placement Investment Suitable for you?

Reg D Private Placement investments like this one are generally speculative and high-risk, often unsuitable for many investors. Despite these risks, brokerage firms may recomend these investments due to high associated commissions.

Private placement offerings are typically illiquid, with legal or contractual restrictions on transferring holdings. Even if sales are permitted, finding buyers can be challenging, necessitating holding these securities for an indefinite time. Some private placements may make periodic distributions, while others may not.

Brokerage firms are responsible for adequately disclosing all risks before selling any investment and must consider suitability factors such as age, financial needs, and risk tolerance. Firms failing to perform adequate due diligence or breaching fiduciary duty can be held accountable for losses incurred through FINRA arbitration.

Contact Bakhtiari & Harrison

If your broker recommended an investment in Spring Hills Holdings, LLC and you’ve suffered losses, Bakhtiari & Harrison can help. Our experienced investment fraud lawyers specialize in representing investors in FINRA arbitration claims.