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Industry Disputes

Bakhtiari & Harrison is a premier law firm experienced in securities industry disputes, representing both firms and FINRA and SEC registered individuals and other employees in a wide variety of legal matters. Our firm excels in providing legal expertise across a wide spectrum of industry disputes, such as onboarding issues, compliance challenges, employment disputes, and handling employee forgivable loans. With an in-depth understanding of the securities industry, we offer tailored support and guidance at every stage of our clients’ professional careers.

Our practice is adept at navigating the intricate landscape of industry standards, focusing on critical needs such as compliance, business management, and risk mitigation for securities professionals. Bakhtiari & Harrison’s services are designed to support the unique requirements of registered or licensed individuals, ensuring they are equipped to manage and excel amidst the industry’s complex regulatory framework.

In addition, we offer comprehensive counseling that addresses a broad range of employment-related disputes specific to the securities industry. Our strategic legal advice covers employment contracts, effective dispute resolution techniques, and transitional strategies crucial for professionals aiming to expand, adapt, or enhance their operations. Whether our clients are at the helm of launching a new securities firm, undergoing significant career transitions, or facing daunting regulatory hurdles, Bakhtiari & Harrison is committed to providing in-depth legal solutions that empower our clients to thrive in the competitive securities market.

With a focus on resolving industry disputes efficiently and favorably, we deploy a blend of seasoned legal insight and strategic acumen to help our clients navigate through their professional challenges and opportunities.

We are committed to seeking results and strategic solutions for our clients. We encourage potential clients and other interested parties to explore further details about our services by visiting our website or calling an attorney to discuss your potential matter. For more information concerning areas of routine representation: